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Our law and tax firm was established in 2010 by mr. Felice Bonfanti after many years of international experience and practice in major firms.

Through a glocal approach and the extensive expertise of its professionals, our firm is able to provide the best international practices and the highest level of skills, reliability and privacy.

A deep knowledge of the Italian laws and practice, as well as a continuous academic activity, allow us to assist our clients through all their possible legal and fiscal issues.

We believe in interpreting the role of the lawyer as a global consultant who, with an interdisciplinary approach, tackles and solves all the client’s needs, as his sole agent.

Diligence, adaptability and accuracy are our distinctive marks, making our boutique firm the best valuable reference for our clients.


We offer a specialist and multidisciplinary assistance and consultancy in all legal and tax areas. We provide a tailored and reliable assistance to each client by applying the international common practice still maintaining a strong relationship with all of them.

Our skills allow us to work with and for our clients from the development stage of each case or project to its completion.


We want our clients to find a comprehensive and operative assistance in our firm.

Therefore, our team of reliable and dynamic professionals and assistants, through the service provider Ratio Consulting Srl,
also provide practical and individual support on various services.




Registration procedure

Compliance activities

Certificates & Documents procurement

Assistance with financial institutions

Assistance for agricultural activities

Preliminary and start-up assistance

Licence and permitting assistance

Work & residence permits

Document Translations

Public office relationship


Felice Bonfanti, ll.m, ph.D

Noto, Roma, Faenza


Felice Bonfanti

Felice Bonfanti focuses his activity on international law, corporate and commercial matters, project financing and energy law, as well as on every aspect of the real estate transactions and management, following his clients both in civil and administrative law.

 He has gained a broad experience in assisting national and foreign clients on wills and inheritance issues, property and contract law, green energy and non-profit organizations, as well as on agricultural law and town plan. Thanks to his international experience and his deep and qualified knowledge of the Italian system and its possible legal issues, Felice advises and assists several foreign clients who are investing in Italy throughout all the legal, financial and administrative processes.

He represents and assists Italian and international sponsors in structuring, financing and implementing important transactions by supporting them in their extraordinary and ordinary activities, including the day-by-day management of their group companies. He also represents them in negotiations before financial institutions and public entities and he is able to lead and coordinate their interdisciplinary teams.

He developed a considerable and specialized expertise in the renewable energies sector (photovoltaic, biomass, wind and waste-to-energy plants) by assisting some of the major Italian (such as API Group) and international (such as Moser Baer and General Electric Services) players and appeared in major legal directories.

Thanks to the skills gained in these specific sectors and to his academic curriculum, Felice also acts as Of Counsel to International law firms and to a Family office based in Italy, Switzerland and UK.

Work experiences:

2010:  Partner at Bonfanti Law firm, based in Noto (SR), Faenza (RA) and Rome.
2010 – 2015:   Head of Legal Affairs – Italy, Moser Baer, major Indian group.
2007 – 2010:  Senior Associate, Carabba & Partners Law firm, Rome (in association with Carnelutti Law firm, Milan)
2007: Adjunct Professor of International Contracts (2007), Link Campus University of Malta, Rome.
2004 – 2007: Assistant Professor of Private Law, University of Ferrara.
2002 – 2004: Associate, Bonelli Erede Pappalardo Law firm, Milan.


2007: Ph.D. in Private Law (Diritto Civile), curriculum in domestic, comparative and EU contracts law, University of Ferrara;
2004: Admission to Italian Bar Council;
2002: LL.M. in European Business Law, Catholic University of Nijmegen, the Netherlands;
2001:  J.D. (Graduation in Law), maxima cum laude, University of Bologna;
2000: Visiting Scholar in equitable remedies and anti-trust law, at University of California at Berkeley, CA – USA.

Academic activities and Awards:

  • Lecturer at University of Bologna, Department of Management (2017);
  • Speeches and lectures held by Italian and International institutions, such as: Panellist, “EMEA Terralex Meeting”, 11–14 June 2009, Barcelona, on “The Worldwide Financial Crisis”; Lecturer, “Scuola Forense” (institute for legal practice) in Ferrara (from 2005 to 2008) and Chamber of Commerce of Ferrara for preparation of the Chartered Accountant State exam (2007);
  • Ph.D thesis selected as the best graduation thesis of the 2008 Ph.D. course and awarded with its publication;
  • Scholarship granted by the University of Bologna to attend the LL.M. in European Business Law in The Netherlands;
  • Scholarship granted as Visiting Scholar at U.C. Berkeley, CA – United States;
  • Personally mentioned by other Authors and by the Digesto Discipline Privatistiche – sez. Commerciale (a major treatise on Private and Commercial law).


  • Il pegno fra codice civile e legislazione speciale: l’impatto della nuova disciplina dei contratti di garanzia finanziaria, in Annali IUSS-Ferrara 1931, II, 1, 2008, on-line http://annali.unife.it/iuss/article/view/327, pp. 1 – 151;
  • Commento alla normativa sui contratti di garanzia finanziaria prevista del D. Legisl. n. 170 del 2004: spunti civilistici (Prima parte), in Studium Iuris, fasc. 5, Padova 2007, p. 509;
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  • Violazione delle distanze legali e trascrizione della domanda, in La giurisprudenza delle Sezioni Unite della Corte di Cassazione, Diritto civile e Diritto penale (anni 2006 – 2007), Padova 2008, p. 12.


Sebastiano Caristia

Practice areas: Litigation (civil, criminal and administrative)



Glenda Rinaldi

Practice areas: Litigation (civil, criminal and administrative)



Alessandro Ricci

Practice areas: Litigation (civil and administrative) & Business Law




Filippo Raggi

Practice areas: Certified Accountant and Auditor

Faenza, Noto


Concetto Nastasi

Practice areas: Tax Advisor

Avola, Noto



Simone Tedeschi

Finance & Investment






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